Wild Mammal Persecution UK

This site has been set up to monitor and document the persecution* of wild mammals in the UK.

The UK has a relatively rich and diverse population of wild mammals which are in many cases poorly protected. Even where legal protections do exist they are often ignored and appalling acts of cruelty take place throughout the UK on a daily basis. Because we are an island actions taken by us can have rapid and serious detrimental effects on our wild mammal populations. This blog is intended to make the people aware of our diverse and wonderful wild mammal population and the threats it faces.

The wild mammal population of these islands is part of our natural heritage. It belongs to us all. We have a right to enjoy it and a duty to protect it, both for ourselves and for future generations.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – Dr Martin Luther King.

*Persecution is defined as “to harass, afflict, hunt down or put to death and is used in that context here.