Fox Hunting Updates

We will start with a follow up to our blog (31/10/2019) on the conviction of two men for causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal in Oxford Magistrates Court. Following this Forestry England has suspended the Kimblewick Hunt’s licence to hunt over their land “pending review”. This does not necessarily mean that the licence will be revoked, merely that all options are being considered. It is probable that strong representations will be made on the hunt’s behalf to keep the licence. If you feel that the licence should be completely revoked or have any other views on allowing this activity on Forestry England land then you can contact Forestry England at

The second part of this blog deals with an extremely unpleasant event during a hunt near the village of East Guldeford, East Sussex. Harry Blackhurst, from Kent Hunt Saboteurs was assisting South Coast Hunt Saboteurs by monitoring the hunt with a drone when a fox was chased and caught by the hounds. The screaming animal had its head torn off and its body ripped apart by the hounds in an attack that lasted fully three minutes.

The fox’s decapitated and mutilated body (Picture Kent Hunt Saboteurs)

The incident has been reported to Sussex Police where a spokesman said ‘Sussex Police received a report of illegal fox hunting at Guldeford, near Rye, at 2.09pm on Saturday (November 9). Officers were deployed to the scene. ‘A video has now been provided and the matter will be investigated. ‘Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to report online or call 101 quoting serial 763 of 09/11.

The police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex is Katie Bourne. She will be unable to interfere in a live investigation but she might appreciate your views on wildlife crime. Katie’s contact details are here.

For more details of this and drone footage of the incident reported exclusively by Joe Roberts of Metro click here. Please be warned that the footage of the attack by the hounds is very distressing.

2 thoughts on “Fox Hunting Updates

  1. Please exercise some responsible corporate management and ensure that no wild mammals are tortured and killed on the land you manage!
    Please make this an urgent priority at your next team meeting!
    Thank you.


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